Motors are what keep many vital pieces of equipment running in our homes, vehicles, and workplaces. If a motor stops working, it can mean the halt of production, dangerous health concerns, risk of home flooding, or a lack of transportation. All of these can cost thousands of dollars – or worse. At L.N. Electric, we know the importance of motor repair. That’s why we have 24 hour emergency motor repair services.

Emergency Sump Pump Motor Repair

A sump pump is important for some homes, and vital for others. If your home relies on your sump pump constantly keeping water out of your basement, the motor breaking is catastrophic. In many homes with sump pumps, even a few hours can lead to thousands in flood damage.

Get repairs done ASAP with L.N Electric’s emergency sump pump motor repair in Toronto. We can repair or replace your submersible motor at any time to prevent irreversible damage in your home.

24 Hour AC Repair

While it’s not vital at all points of the year, during the high point of summer, temperatures can easily become deadly. And, wouldn’t you know it, it’s during these high points when AC motors break – because they’re being run constantly. 

If your AC stops working, call us at L.N. Electric for 24 hour AC repair in Toronto. Even in the middle of the night, we’re here to help. Getting your AC up and running before the sun rises can prevent health emergencies during the hottest times of year.

24 Hour Heating Repair

Likewise, the middle of winter is no time for your heat to go out – and yet, that’s when it will. Call us at L.N. Electric for 24 hour heating repair in Toronto and get your heat back up and running ASAP. Without a heater maintaining a safe temperature in your home, temperatures can drop quickly to dangerous lows. Don’t wait until your fingers are numb. Call us right away.

Emergency Furnace Repair

Did you know your furnace’s temperature is regulated by a fan? If that fan stops working, it can lead to your furnace overheating, which can cause fires, or even combustion. If something mysterious is going on with your furnace, leave it to the professionals to come and investigate. Emergency furnace repair is available from L.N. Electric. If the part causing problems is something we can fix, we’ll repair or replace it and have things back to normal in no time.

24 Hour Brake Motor Repair

Factories have a number of brakes involved in their production processes. From doors to conveyor belts, there are a lot of parts that stop and go constantly. If even one brake… well, breaks, it can cause the entire production to come to a halt. L.N. Electric offers 24 hour brake motor repair and replacement. We can get things back up and running with a quick inspection and some new parts.

If you need help with motor repair, you know who to call. Contact us at L.N. Electric and get the best service, around the clock.

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