Belted Fan Motors

Belted fan motors are used in residential and commercial fans and blowers where low starting torque is required. They basically run a belt on a pulley to spin a fan system.

Belt fans are used in air conditioners, roof ventilators, exhaust fans, furnaces, and other applications that require moving air in or out of a system.

Changing a belted fan motor requires knowing the motor diameter in inches, voltage, horsepower (HP), RPM, number of speeds available, direction of rotation, mounting method, and the size of the run capacitator required. Note that some older units have the mounting brackets built into the motor, if this is the case, you will need to purchase the exact replacement or a motor and an adapter kit.

We have a variety of belted fan motors from 1/4HP up to 1/12 singe phase. Contact us for more information.


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