Keep your electric motors running optimally with  Variable Frequency Drives. Understand how they affect electric motors.  Do you need a new variable frequency drive? Or have you been searching for the best “electric motor repair near me”? No worries. We will discuss finding the right place for repair and refurbishing. 

1 Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) Control Speed

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are devices used to control the speed of an electric motor. They maintain how quickly or slowly a process takes place. A variable frequency drive is essential for controlling the speed and torque of an AC motor. VFDs use AC electricity to power a motor by changing the frequency with its voltage output- the higher the voltage, the faster the engine will run. When you search online for an “electric motor near me,” realize that because of the intricacies of the drive, you will need highly trained electrical engineers for repair and refurbishing. Your drive needs to be optimized to achieve peak performance.

2 Increase Energy Efficiency with Variable Frequency Drives 

VFDs to increase electric motors’ energy efficiency and performance. You can find many applications such as printing presses, lifts, pumps and conveyors. By reducing wear, saving on labour costs, and adjusting the speed of your electric motor, you will save considerable energy and costs. 

3 Variable Frequency Drives Reduce Wear and Tear

Regulate and maintain consistent performance and reduce wear and tear on your motor components. You can improve overall efficiency and enable finer control over speed and other operations. Save considerable energy and money for repair.

4 Reduce Heat To Lengthen The Life of Your Motor

Make electrical adjustments and reduce engine heat build-up due to prolonged running at high speeds. Extend an electric motor’s life and allow for more precise control when necessary. Reduce maintenance costs overall. 

5 Increase Productivity with a Variable Frequency Drive

VFDs adjust their frequency automatically according to varying demands. Dynamic speed adjustment increases energy savings and efficiency and better regulation of machines’ speeds. Improve productivity and provide consistent maintenance schedules, reducing downtime and operating costs while keeping workers safe from potential mechanical injuries. With a variable frequency drive, you can easily adjust your motor’s settings to achieve optimal performance depending on the job.

6 Variable Frequency Drives Need Trained Technicians for Repair

The installation of a VFD requires knowledge of electrical engineering, so it is recommended that trained technicians handle the related work processes. Proper safety measures must be considered when dealing with electricity near sensitive areas or components. They may require isolation transformers or surge protectors for optimal protection during variable frequency drive operations.

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