Motors can fail at the most inopportune times. Sometimes you have an old pool pump that has slowly been breaking down, or maybe a condenser fan motor just died on you suddenly one day. Either way, a full replacement often costs considerably more than just an electric motor repair or purchasing a refurbished eclectic motor. So what are the pros and cons of buying new versus used motors? We break it down for you. 

Does the Motor Come with a Warranty?

Most new electric motors and pumps will come with a warranty of two years or more. If anything happens to the product during this time, the original manufacturer will have a free electric motor repair or send you a full replacement or replacement parts. New motors have a longer lifespan, as well, so you may not even need the warranty. 

Many refurbished motors will also come with a warranty. It differs from one seller to the next. At LN Electric we offer a massive stock of both new and rebuilt electric motors. Ask us about our warranties. Our services include reminding and repairing electric motors, belted fan motors, variable speed drivers, transformers, pumps of all kinds, gear motors and much more. We also offer specialty services with seal bearing assembly, sump pumps, coolant pumps, and capacitors. In a nutshell, we do it all.

Price Makes a Big Difference

Some new electric motors can cause upwards of hundreds or even a couple of thousand dollars! Not everyone can afford a full replacement every time. Because of this many individuals opt to purchase refurbished electric motors. Many shops offer a full rebuild at an affordable price. Always purchase from a shop you trust. 

Review the Quality of the Parts

Another key concern when purchasing a new motor versus one that has been refurbished is overall quality. A new motor will come with brand-new parts that should have a long lifespan. If you don’t purchase from a quality shop, you may end up with a faulty motor that has below-standard parts. The refurbished motor will work for the time being but may very well stop working when you need it most. Because of this, always take the time to review any shop before making a purchase. 

When properly re-manufactured by certified professionals a refurbished electric motor should function just as smoothly as a new motor. In fact, some people insist that refurbished motors may even work better than a new one for less than half the cost. It all comes down to the quality of the workmanship.

Trust LN Electric for all Your Electric Motor Needs

At LN Electric we offer the largest inventory of new and used motors and pumps in the region. If you want to buy a refurbished motor, we will happily help you find the perfect product for your needs at the perfect price. We offer a wide array of high-quality services. Find out why our customers have trusted us for their repair needs for years. Contact LN Electric today or visit our shop. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

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