What do you need to know before buying a new pump? Whether you are checking out water pumps or want to save a few dollars on a motor, knowing where to find the best products will save you a lot of hassle. The best motors for your project will depend on many factors like the application, your budget, and how much power you need. Electric pumps and motors play an essential role in any home or business. Learn what you should look for when purchasing a refurbished pump or motor. 

What Water Pump Suits Your Needs?

Before you purchase a refurbished pump, you need to understand the basics. There are two main types of water pumps: centrifugal and axial flow. Both work by using pressure to push water through a pipe. However, there are differences between them. 

Axial flow pumps use impellers to force water through the pump. This type of pump is more efficient than centrifugal pumps because it uses less energy. On the other hand, centrifugal pumps are cheaper and easier to install. They’re also quieter than axial flow pumps. If you aren’t sure which works best for your needs, contact LN Electric and our staff will be happy to answer your important questions. 

What to Look for When Buying a Refurbished Pump

When looking for a refurbished pump: 

  • Ask for a warranty
  • Look for premature corrosion
  • Check parts for tolerance
  • Refurbished pumps cost less than new pumps
  • The shop can fix any issues with a refurbished pump in-house

If you aren’t sure which type of pump fits your needs best, take a moment to ask one of our experts here at LN Electric. They will be happy to answer all of your questions. LN Electric provides warranty repairs, customization, and 24-hour emergency services. 

How to Find the Right Refurbished Motor

Buying a refurbished motor isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s not just about finding one that fits your needs; it’s also about making sure you’re getting a good deal. To make sure you’re getting a fair price, ask for a written estimate so you can compare prices. Make sure the dealer has a warranty. And if you need help with installation, ask one of our staff for more information. 

Some tips when looking at a refurbished motor: 

  • Only purchase from a reputable store
  • Ask for a warranty
  • Test the electric motor
  • Ask about an oil analysis
  • Check overall efficiency
  • Ask about the application for your motor
  • Check the torque and horsepower
  • Check voltage and RPM
  • Double-check maintenance requirements

You want a motor that not only does the job, but does it well. Guarantee that you have a good quality product by purchasing from a reputable company. Always ask for a warranty. This protects you if the motor ends up being faulty. 

LN Electric – The Best Refurbished Motors and Pumps in the GTA

When you need a high-quality refurbished pump or motor, contact the experts at LN Electric. Our experienced staff will be happy to answer your questions and find the perfect product for your needs and budget. Visit our shop today. We proudly provide the best craftsmanship in the GTA. Contact us. 


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