If your home benefits from a hydronic heating system, you know as well as we do that it’s life-changing. However, if your hydronic heating system pump breaks down, you’ll need to act fast. That’s especially true if it’s winter. Repair or replace your hydronic heating system pump with ease by calling L.N. Electric. Not sure what a hydronic heating system is? Let us bring you into the loop on why you should consider investing in one.

More Efficient

A hydronic heating system pumps hot water through a network of small pipes embedded in your floor or baseboards. This type of heating system is more efficient than the alternatives by leaps and bounds. 

Forced air heating relies on air to conduct heat. However, air is a poor conductor and loses heat as soon as it’s away from the heating element. As it makes its way through your home or business, hot air quickly becomes cool and must be cycled back through the system. What this means is, keeping a building warm with forced air is a constant cycle of wasting energy on reheating that air.

More Cost Effective

Because a hydronic heating system is more efficient, it’s also more cost effective. You will pay more up-front to invest in the system’s installation. However, the system quickly pays for itself by helping you save up to 40% of the electric cost of forced air. Plus, you can’t put a price on comfort.

Doesn’t Dry the Air Out

Speaking of comfort, one of those comforts that a hydronic heating system affords you is unaffected air. While forced air pulls air from your rooms and heats all of the moisture out of it before cycling it throughout your home, a hydronic heating system doesn’t. This type of heating system is called a radiant heating system, because it radiates the heat throughout the room. Your air stays right where it is, as humid as you like it.

Separate Room Temperatures

Because a hydronic heating system pumps hot water through segments of the floor, you can heat rooms separately. If each room has its own network of pipes, you can easily set each room to a separate temperature. So, if your kids like their rooms ten degrees cooler than you like yours, they can have it their way without leaving you shivering at night.

Hydronic Heating System Pumps

The key to a functional hydronic heating system is the pump that pushes hot water throughout the building. If your hydronic heating system pumps fail, they need to be repaired or replaced ASAP. If you’re located in Toronto, you can have your pump replaced quickly and easily by relying on L.N. Electric. Give us a call if you’re looking for assistance and we’ll give you the hand you need.

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