If you’ve got machinery that relies on a motor or pump for operation, one of them failing can cause countless problems. Fortunately, for those living in or operating their business in Toronto, L.N. Electric Motors is here to help. We specialize in selling motors and pumps. However, we also offer repair of electric motors and pumps in Toronto. Here’s how we can help.

Contact Us About Repairs

If you’ve got a pump or motor that’s suddenly stopped working, you should contact us at L.N. Electric Motors ASAP. We can help you get the repairs you need. In some cases, pump or motor malfunction is no big deal. An in-ground pool at your home can handle being out of commission for a week while you work on getting a motor or pump replaced. However, a sump pump going out of service in the spring could lead to a complete basement flood and thousands in damage. A brake motor in a factory going kaput can mean a complete halt in production. Therefore, we take repair of electric motors and pumps very seriously. Call us as soon as you can and we can get started on the repair process.

Be Ready with Necessary Information

When you call, we’ll need to know the specifications of the part you need repaired right away. So, it’s best to get this information before calling. Check our list of products and find the type of part you need repaired. Then, click the name of the part. On the page for that part, there will be a list of information we’ll need in order to repair or replace it.

For example, if you need a brake motor replaced, we’ll need to know:

  • Full load speed (in minutes)
  • Motor rating (in KW)
  • Load inertia
  • Number of stops per hour
  • Stopping distance and stopping time (if required)
  • Type of load
  • Ambient temperature
  • IP protection requirement

Get Your Motor or Pump Repaired ASAP

As you can see, there’s a lot of information we need in order to do our job and provide you with the right part or service. So, grab yourself a pen and paper and get all of the necessary information written down so that we can get to work for you as soon as possible.

Rely on L.N. Electric Motors

If you need to repair electric motors or pumps in Toronto, you can rely on L.N. Electric Motors to get the job done right. We’re experts in our field and will repair your part without delay.

For parts that cannot be repaired, we’ll help you with the next step: replacement. We have a huge stock of motors and pumps and can help you find the right replacement part so that you can get back to regularly scheduled programming.

Call us today if you have questions about our products or need assistance getting something repaired or replaced. We look forward to working with you!

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