Is your swimming pool pump beginning to fail? Has it already given out entirely? It’s time to replace it! Don’t let the summer run out on you while your pool sits idly by. Here’s how L.N. Electric can assist you when you need to replace failing swimming pool pumps.

Repair Before Summer Ends

Putting off replacing your failing swimming pool pump? Think again! There are many reasons to repair your swimming pool pump before summer ends. For one thing, keeping your pool in working order means a lot more fun for you, your friends, and your family. If the pool pump stops working, your pool isn’t going to be pleasant to swim in for very long. So, it’s best to keep it in working order.

The Importance of the Pump

However, there is one other reason to repair the pump before summer ends. If you keep your pool filled during the colder months, you need a pump to keep it clean. Otherwise, the months of neglect will have it harboring some less than ideal substances. Bacteria and other microorganisms will happily move in. Algae will form. Your entire pool will become a huge mess in need of professional cleaning. Skip the off-season disaster by ensuring your pump continues doing its job.

What exactly is its job? Your pump is what forces water through the pool filter. It’s like the heart of the pool – ensuring its circulatory system stays active and the pool healthy. Without it, the water stands still and all sorts of things begin to grow in it unchecked.

Filter, Pump, and Motor

What else is part of the pool’s system? Aside from the pump, there’s also a filter and a motor. The filter is what the pump is forcing water through. It strains out any undesirable contents and needs to be cleaned and replaced every now and then. The motor is what powers the pump, allowing it to force water through the filter.

What you need to know is that these parts are not necessarily replaced at the same time. A swimming pool pump can last over a decade. The motor may need to be replaced twice in that time! If you find your pool isn’t filtering the way it’s supposed to, be sure the problem is really the pump. It might just be the motor. If the motor stops working, there’s no power to the pump, but the pump may not be broken.

Replacing the Pump

If you’re ready to replace your swimming pool pump, what you need is the model and horsepower. Horsepower will show as HP on your pump’s label. If you’re intending to continue using the same filter, make sure you get the same horsepower in your next pump. The horsepower necessary depends on what type of filter you have. However, you can also replace the entire filtering system if you need one that’s more or less powerful overall. We can help answer your questions if you simply give us a call.

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