Whether you like to do hands-on work on your car or you’re managing a factory, you need a coolant pump. These powerful little pumps keep engines cool by circulating water or other coolant nearby. If you’ve got a broken coolant pump, you’ve got a system that’s no longer running safely and effectively. That’s why L.N. Electric is your next stop. With a little help from us, you can replace broken coolant pumps in no time.

Why Coolant Pumps Matter

Coolant pumps are a vital part of any system with an engine. Because the entire purpose of an engine is burning fuel, they get hot very quickly. Without a coolant pump, the engine would overheat and fail. 

If you’ve ever seen a movie, there’s a pretty solid chance you’ve seen someone pull over on the side of the road because their car has started smoking. 9 time out of 10, whether the movie bothers to say it or not, this is because of the radiator or coolant pump failing. All of that smoke and steam is from the engine overheating.

The radiator cools water and the coolant pump circulates it. Without both in working order, your car can’t run without risk of burning out the engine. The same goes for any other heavy machinery run by an engine. Factory machines, trucks, airplanes, and all kinds of other machines rely on these pumps to function.

What L.N. Electric Has to Offer

At L.N. Electric, pumps are one of the components we have a lot of. From sump pumps to coolant pumps, our mission is to keep things running in working order. However, pumps aren’t one size fits all. We have many different designs, styles, sizes, and brands. Therefore, you need to know what you’re after when you get in contact with us to order your pump replacement.

Getting the Right Pump

When you’re ready to order yourself a new coolant pump, you’ll need to find out what kind it is that needs replacing. So, before you call, go get under the hood, find your busted coolant pump, and get this information:

  • Model Number
  • Output Code
  • Frequency
  • Rated Current
  • Delivery Quantity

Quantity will only be relevant if you’re replacing parts professionally, but the rest of this information is vital for any coolant pump order.

We’re stocking distributors for most leading manufacturers, so no matter what kind of pump you need, we can find you a replacement. Providing Toronto with machine parts for almost 50 years, we’re the most trusted parts distributor in the area. Call us today if you have any questions or would like to start on your order.

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