As summer approaches with a heavy hand, the importance of having an AC rises steeply. Ten years ago, Toronto homes may not have needed air conditioning. Nowadays, with climate change upon us, the weather in summer has become unbearable for Canadians who are unused to it. Air conditioning units aren’t just for comfort, but for safety. Therefore, we take emergency AC motor repairs very seriously. Here’s why.

Heat Impacts Health and Safety

To people closer to the equator, it may seem silly to be worried over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, to a populace that’s used to summer temperatures that don’t often go past 80, this steep rise is dangerous. Not only are the bodies of locals not acclimated to this, neither is our infrastructure.

Air Conditioning Saves Lives

In homes that have, for generations, been built to keep heat in, summers that bring 100-degree weather can become deadly. Therefore, air conditioning units save lives by preventing extreme impact in the health of tenants. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can lead to death in many ways. Air conditioning is vital to keeping homes a safe and livable temperature. Because of that, emergency AC motor repairs are absolutely paramount in Toronto during summer.

A Broken AC Can be an Emergency

At the peak of summer, when midday can reach the 100s, someone’s AC breaking can be a real, life and death emergency. This is especially true for families with small children or the homes of the elderly or disabled.

You’ve heard of how dangerous it is to leave a small child in a hot car on a summer day. A home without any cooling is just as dangerous. Therefore, L.N. Electric Motors is here to help ensure the safety of Toronto residents.

Emergency AC Motor Repairs in Toronto

If your AC stops working this summer, you need to call to have it repaired ASAP. Waiting even a few hours can allow your home’s temperature to rise dangerously. Don’t delay your call.

If your AC’s motor has stopped working, we can try to salvage it by repairing the part that’s damaged. However, if it’s beyond repair, it may need to be replaced. Fortunately, L.N. Electric Motors specializes in motors for all kinds of equipment, including AC units.

AC Repairs for Apartments

If you’re a landlord or owner of an apartment complex, please be sure to take maintenance requests for AC units seriously this summer. It’s not just a matter of comfort; it’s a matter of tenant safety. Delaying response to AC maintenance requests could lead to tenant injury or death that you could end up responsible for.

Instead, send out a maintenance member right away to assess the severity of the AC failure. If the unit is in need of specialist care, call us at L.N. Electric. If you get many complaints from many tenants around the same time, don’t bother with a regular maintenance check. Call us straightaway, as the main AC system motor has probably failed. If you end up on hold or have to wait for a call back, use the time to get us as much information about your AC system as possible so that we can find replacement parts without delay.

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