If your sump pump has stopped running, you may be up to your knees in damages… and water. L.N. Electric is here to help. Let’s look at some of the ways your sump pump is servicing your home and how we can get it back in working order.

What Is a Sump Pump?

If you moved into a home with a sump pump, you may not even be entirely sure what it is or what it’s for. We don’t blame you; they’re usually chugging away under the floors, outside the realm of most people’s interest.

If yours has broken, you may suddenly be interested in knowing what on Earth it does. Actually, it’s pretty simple. The sump pump sits within a sump basin. That basin collects water that rises into the basement, beneath the floor. When the basin is filled to a certain level, the pump kicks on and pumps that water away from the house. This process repeats all the time. Some homes get more water than others. Therefore, if yours gets a lot, you may have been alerted to the malfunction very quickly. 

Why Did My Sump Pump Stop Working?

Sump pumps stop working for a number of reasons.

  1. The drain pipe collapsed from the weight of the earth piled on top of it. This means there’s nowhere for the pump to put collected water.
  2. The drain pipe got clogged, usually from an animal getting into it and getting stuck. This isn’t uncommon with rats, especially if your basement is unfinished and not pest-proof.
  3. The motor is no longer receiving power. This can happen if a circuit fuse is blown or a pest has chewed on cords or wires connecting the pump to power.
  4. The motor completely gave out. If you bought a faulty pump motor, this may happen within months to years. However, even good motors will run themselves dead eventually. If your sump pump has been running with the same motor for many years, it might just be at the end of its life expectancy.

How Do I Fix It?

A broken pipe will mean digging the pipe up and replacing the part that’s broken. Clogs will have to be removed with a snake or other such tool. Therefore, contacting your local plumber is the best way to solve pipe issues.

Power issues, once found, will have to be fixed with an electrician’s help. If the power cord to your pump has been damaged, the cord will need to be replaced. However, sump pumps don’t usually have cords that are replaceable by themselves. Because sump pumps are so close to water all the time, their cords are usually not separable. Therefore, if your power cord is damaged or your motor is completely dead, you’ll need to get yourself a new sump pump motor.

Replace Sump Pump Motor

At L.N. Electric, we have a great selection of the highest quality motors available. One type of motor we offer are submersible motors. Those are the motors used in sump pumps. Call us today if you need help finding the right sump pump motor for your home.

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