When setting a budget for your home maintenance, your air conditioner must be part of that conversation. When it comes to home comfort, your AC is central to making that happen. If your AC compressor needs replacing, you want to be ready for the cost. With this in mind, how long do air conditioning motors last?

Air conditioning motors (or compressors) last up to a decade under the right conditions. To maintain that decade, only use your AC when necessary.

Below, we will provide you with additional methods you can use to increase the life of your compressor.

How To Keep Your AC Compressor Alive

Tip #1: Perform Regular Maintenance Checks

A good maintenance schedule for any electric motor is one per year. You can do this by cleaning the motor and checking for any signs of leaks or damage.

You should also take the opportunity to listen for any unusual noises. Anything that’s abnormal or loud should be addressed with an HVAC specialist.

Tip #2: Address Problems Fast

If you find an issue, start by deactivating your AC as soon as possible. Continuing to run your AC despite having problems is a way to turn a minor repair into a total replacement.

If you are uncomfortable, you can buy smaller plug-in units. Electric heaters and fans will work in a pinch.

Tip #3: Keep a History of Repairs

Like your car, a maintenance history will let you know what has already been done. This enables you to hold technicians accountable and save time overall.

Maintenance histories save you time and spread that savings to anyone you hire.

Of course, AC motors do need replacing eventually.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your AC Is The Right Size

Professional HVAC companies make mistakes every so often. One of the more common mistakes is to install a heating or cooling unit that is inappropriately sized.

If you run into common issues, contact an HVAC specialist to see if the AC unit is right for your house. If you find issues, a replacement is likely in your future. However, that replacement will take a lot of issues out of your hands.

Signs That Your Air Conditioning Motor Needs Replacing

Replacing an air conditioner’s motor is expensive, but continually dealing with an old unit can get up there pretty quick.

If your air conditioner motor has frequent breakdowns, it might be time to purchase a new motor. Check our product list to see what air conditioning motors we can get for you.

If your motor is more than a decade old, it might be time for a replacement. Older motors drive up heating and cooling costs, not saving you money overall. An upgrade is usually in your best interest.

Wrap Up – Repair vs. Replacement of AC Motors

Before you jump to a replacement, it’s best that you contact a skilled repair technician. Our team of specialists at L.N. Electric Motors can help you determine those costs estimates, helping you make that decision.

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