When it comes to systems that require cooling, it seems like you have two different types of pumps. However, are those two types actually different? Also, what do I need to know about these pumps? But before those questions, we have to answer: is a coolant pump the same as a water pump?

While water pumps can be a type of coolant pump, the two refer to different parts. Water pumps only run water, while coolant pumps can include water pumps and other part types.

Below, we will inform you of the differences between these different pump types, so you know exactly what to ask for if you need a replacement.

What is a Coolant Pump?

A coolant pump is a tool that moves a liquid or gas substance throughout your system to regulate temperature. When you hear about one, you most likely hear about them in vehicles. However, coolant pumps are used in many industries.

For example, companies that have an industrial washing machine require a coolant pump, so the machine isn’t too hot. Any industry where machines run hot typically requires a coolant pump.

What are Signs Your Coolant Pump is Bad?

Signs of a failing coolant pump typically relate to leaks. However, you might also see signs of overheating.

Many modern machines in manufacturing have fail-safes to prevent too much danger. Still, it is important to keep an eye open for puddles of coolant of overheating.

What is a Water Pump?

A water pump is another term you often see associated with vehicles. However, it refers to any system that moves water using a pump.

Water pumps are in pools, vehicles, spas, and many applications that involve moving water. A vacuum typically powers the pump in modern applications.

Water pumps might also refer to water-based cooling systems. So a water pump can be a coolant pump, but the opposite is not true.

What are Signs Your Water Pump is Bad?

Much like coolant pumps, the first sign your pump is going bad comes in the form of a leak. Water all over your worksite can be dangerous, so tread carefully if you notice it.

Other signs of a failing water pump will be related to the temperature sensors. In other water-based applications, you might notice a lack of filtering (dirty water).

Some machines are prone to squeal when not getting the proper lubrication. If anything seems weird and the water doesn’t seem to be moving, it’s likely related to your pump.

Wrap Up

Knowing that coolant can refer to water and extra materials is enough to note the difference between water and coolant pumps. Regardless, you can run any industrial machine without ensuring both (or either) is working.

We at L.N. Electric Motors offer a wide range of products that include pumps in both the coolant and water variety. If you want to be sure you have the right system, contact our specialists today.

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