How do you choose the right electric motor? An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric motor price differs greatly depending on size, use, style, manufacturer, and other factors. Almost half of all of the world’s electricity consumption comes from eclectic motor systems.  They run industry, from pumps and conveyors, to drive compressors and mixers. Find the right motor for you.

3 Types of Motors

Each motor performs different functions and movements. While electric motor price and use differ, there are generally three main types of motors:

  1. The Stepper Motor (Best for Precise Positioning)
  2. The Synchronous Motor like the DC motor (Best for Dynamic Application)
  3. The AC Asynchronous Motor (Best for Running Continuously)

Select the right motor type based on the application you need. You must take into account a few different factors when choosing the best electric motor. Consider the speed, torque, and power. What size do you need? What are the technical specifications of the motor? If this is starting to sound a little overwhelming, call the experts at LN Electric. Our seasoned and friendly staff will be happy to help you find the best motor.

Industrial Environment Considerations

Choosing the right dimensions for your motor you will need to consider the industrial environment, space considerations, moisture, and more. For example, will the motor need to be shock-resistant or have dirt-resistant casings? Is it a harsh environment with high temperatures, corrosiveness, and damp conditions? Be sure that you take into consideration how much the environment will affect the safety and function of your electric motor. Also, look at the dimensions of the space. You may need to purchase a higher cost motor to allow for these conditions.

Energy Efficiency

In the 21st century choosing an energy-efficient motor saves you money, operational costs, and helps the environment. An energy-efficient motor runs smoother with less worry about replacement and high energy costs. Additionally, more sustainable construction and materials mean that you will save on operating costs and replacement. Choose a motor that will last a long, long time with minimal maintenance over a cheaper less efficient model. You will save money and hassle long-term.

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