Electric motors power everything from your backyard pool pump to massive industrial generators. Complex and technical, electric motor failures can result in serious property damage and personal injury. Thankfully an electric motor repair shop like LN Electric can repair and replace key broken motors components. Do you need to repair your motor?

What Causes Motor Failure?

A failed motor results from several key issues. This can range from a voltage imbalance to operational overloading. When you take your motor to the LB Electric motor repair shop, our team of professionals will help diagnose the problem causing your motor failure.

This can range from a number of very common issues:

  1. Transient Voltage causes the motor winding insulation to breakdown
  2. A voltage imbalance creates too much current flow, increasing temperatures and entire insulation breakdown
  3. Harmonic Distortion will make the motor much less efficient
  4. A problem with the Sigma Current can result in a circuit trip
  5. A very common issue is Operational Overloads where a motor is overwhelmed by the load leading to motor failure
  6. Misalignment can cause premature motor wear due to angular misalignment, parallel misalignment, or a compound misalignment
  7. A shaft imbalance will cause excess wear to the motor’s mechanical drive components
  8. Shaft Looseness results in excess wear and a premature failure
  9. When a heavier load or incorrect lubrication results, serious bearing wear can result in costly bearing failure
  10. A pipe strain caused by an object bending a pipe will cause shaft misalignment and stress the rotating parts of your motor

These are among the most common motor failure issues. Many times regular maintenance and proper care will prevent total motor failure. However, sometimes regular wear and tear or carelessness may cause costly motor failure.

Call the Electric Motor Repair Experts

When you have a serious motor problem, call the professionals at LN Electric. Our experienced teams will quickly diagnose the problem and give you affordable solutions. We offer a wide range of services and products for both homeowners and business owners. Contact us today. We will be happy to help you.

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