A working motor increases overall energy efficiency and reduces overall operating costs. A smoothly running simple electric motor requires regular motor testing. Monitor the motor’s systems to save on high costs for replacement and repair. Which motor testing methods do you need to know?

Primary Analysis

With such a broad range of diagnostic tools, knowing which tests you need can seem daunting. A primary overview can help with a malfunctioning simple electric motor. Ask yourself:

  • Is the motor overheating?
  • Do you smell anything unusual?
  • Is it malfunctioning?
  • Are current levels and power operating correctly?
  • How is the voltage and resistance?

A multimeter will provide much of this important information. If you don’t know how to repair or diagnose your motor problems, contact the experts at LN Electric. We offer a wide range of services and tests to diagnose your motor problems.

Isolating Problem

Complex motors have many critical components that might fail. Function can be severly compromised. If a problem is ignored, costly maintenance or replacement is a huge headache. Thoroughly test the specific components:

  1. Hipot Test for Dielectric Strength – This test determines the efficacy of the motor’s cable insulation
  2. The Surge Test – Isolate and detect burnout and shorts with this test
  3. Meggar Test – The Meggar test checks overall insulation performance by measuring leakage current
  4. Voltage Drop Test – Find out and analyze resistance for a high-amperage circuit
  5. Core Loss Test – This test indicates the difference between a motor output and input power, checking for overall reliability and quality

Routine Maintenance and Motor Testing

Routinely maintaining and repairing your motor will help lower overall costs and increase the lifespan of your equipment. Regularly schedule diagnostics. Troubleshoot key problem areas. Don’t let a small problem balloon into a major repair. Increase efficiency and operation with in-depth testing.

Have your electric motors malfunctioned? Losing energy efficiency? Is your motor acting erratically? Do you sense something is wrong with your motor, maybe a burning smell or overheating? Then call the electric motor experts at LN Electric. Reach out to our seasoned experts today. We provide the region’s best motor repair and replacement services. We provide the top-of-the-line customer service. Trust us to fix your motor and get it working again. Call us today.

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