Most civilian, commercial, industrial, and military machines use electric motors. They are a vital part of our society. When a motor breaks, you have a choice between replacing the part, refurbishing it, or replacing it altogether. Know the mechanical basics will help you make this decision. How do electric motors work? And what is motor rewinding?  

Motor Rewinding Basics

An armature winding process will allow you to gain function of an older motor. While this might not be the most efficient solution, sometimes you may find this restores most of the motor’s efficiency. When you rewind the motor, the motor may last a few more years. However, it may not have as much efficiency or be more prone to malfunction. How do electric motors work after rewinding? And can this fix a burnt out motor?

When You Can Rewind a Motor

Before you rewind a motor, the magnetic core needs to be in functioning order. In some cases, rewinding the motor may cost more or not work at all. An old motor that is more than ten years old or has been rewound before you might want to purchase a replacement from LN Electric instead of chancing a rewind.

If a motor has any damage or was improperly serviced before, rewinding may exacerbate the problem. In some cases, the stator core has broken down. Have one of our professionals inspect your motor to see if it is a candidate for rewinding. Additionally, extreme moisture or overheating, the core can be damaged.

Operating Costs to Consider

Consider overall operating costs when choosing to rewind your motor. Some smaller less efficient motors with little use may not have high operating costs. Rewinding a small motor may make the most fiscal sense. Because they are rarely used, the potential minimized efficiency after repair may not affect your bottom line.

On the other hand, if you have a motor with a lot of horsepower working thousands of hours each year, you might need to decide if running a less efficient refurbished motor makes costs you money. Buying a new efficient motor may save you thousands in the long run. If you aren’t sure, speak with our LN Electric experts about your budget concerns. We pride ourselves on reliability and will help you decide which direction works best for you.

Benefits of Rewinding a Motor

If your motor is in good condition and is only a few years old, then you might be able to save considerable costs by rewinding your motor. Get a few more miles out of your old motor. Rewinding a motor may help you with an immediate issue and give you time to save for a full replacement later on.

Whether you decide to refurbish an old motor, rewind it, or replace it entirely, trust the experts at LN Electric to replace and repair your old motor. We pride ourselves on our professional workmanship and excellent customer service. Call us today. We are ready to help you.

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