No matter what type of motor you need, consider the importance of energy efficiency. You want the best parts of an electric motor to run smoothly, efficiently, and safely. Many consumers make the mistake of purchasing the cheapest motor available. However, this decision can have costly effects on overall functionality, safety, and end costs.  

What is an Energy-Efficient Motor?

You will find that there is considerable variation when considering which motor to buy. Some cheaper motors skimp on the quality of parts of the electric motor. You want an improved modern design, the best materials, and energy efficient manufacturing techniques overall.

Energy efficient motors provide superior materials and performance. They have much higher service factors. Energy efficient motors last much longer, have reliability, and have much lower overall waste heat output.

What to Look For

When considering which motor to purchase, look at the efficiency values. Minimum guaranteed efficiency is less accurate than nominal efficiency, which is based on the average value of standardized testing. Other methods of determining energy efficiency will not produce accurate results.

An energy efficient motor needs to have a performance that exceed or equals the nominal full-load efficiency values. If you are not sure what to look for when buying an electric motor, feel free to speak to our seasoned professionals. We can answer any question that you may have about electric motors. We will be happy to recommend the best, most energy efficient model available for any budget.

When Should I Buy an Energy-Efficient Motor?

Do you need an energy efficient motor? If you are installing a brand new motor, always opt for the energy efficient model. You want energy efficiency when you buy compressor, HVAC system, and pump packages. Any time you make a major modification you should consider energy efficiency options. Do not try to reuse old, dated models with standard efficiency moving forward. Anyone in an energy conservation program or wants preventative maintenance should consider the importance of an energy efficient motor.

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