What is a Permanent Magnet DC Motor? You need to understand Permanent Magnet DC (or PMDC) Motors whenever you purchase an electric motor for sale for instance. With PMDC, the magnets are mounted on the inner periphery of a cylindrical steel stator. The magnets of the PMDC are radially magnetized. With PMDC the stator provides a return path for the magnetic flux. Additionally, the rotor has commutator segments, brushes, and a DC armature.

Popular Uses for the PMDC

These motors can be used in cars for windshield wipers, controlling windows, and car air conditioners. A PMDC electric motor for sale can also provide power for computer drives, toys, food mixers, and hedge trimmers. Therefore, they have many applications. Most importantly, LN Electric has an impressive stock of all types of motors for your needs, including the PMDC.

Key Advantages of Permanent Magnet DC Motors

Moreover, you can find many reasons to use PMDC motors. Talk to our experienced staff about the benefits of the PMDC. What are some of the key advantages? They have specific benefits, including:

  1. Portability in size
  2. Less expensive
  3. Lower manufacturing costs
  4. Do not require field winding
  5. No field circuit copper losses
  6. Increased efficiency overall
  7. Multiple application use

The PMDC are developed to about 200 kW for most applications. More importantly, they have uses both in the home and in industry. They can have up to fractions to several horsepowers depending on the application. This gives them a wide range of applications from computers to cars to appliances.

Types of Permanent Magnetic Materials

Find out about several types of permanent magnetic materials that have been used in PMDC construction: Alnicos, Ferrites, and Rare Earths. Each has its own unique uses and advantages.

  • Alnicos – Used with high voltage and low current
  • Ferrites – Cost-sensitive applications
  • Rare Earths – Expensive material used for size-sensitive applications

To sum up, rare earth magnets can be used in servo industrial drives, large industrial motors, and cars. Use ferrites materials for compressors, refrigerators, and compressors.

Contact the Motor Experts

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