Look around your home and you will find motors everywhere. From your swimming pool pumps and motors to your refrigerator and sump pump, motors surround you. In a nutshell, anything that has moving parts uses an electric motor. Why are electric motors so important?

Motor Basics

Any motor turns electrical energy into motion. For example, your swimming pool pumps and motors must circulate the water in your pool. Motors help a sump pump drain out the water in your basement or keep your home heated in the winter. Electric motors turned electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Common Motors

We probably think of a car when we think of a motor. The electrical energy in a car’s battery converts into mechanical energy to move the car forward. Food processors, stove fans, refrigerator, washer, Jacuzzi, dryer, and garage door opener all have motors. In fact, you probably couldn’t go a single day without using more than a dozen types of motors in your daily life.

When a Motor Breaks

Over time simple wear-and-tear can cause a motor to malfunction or break down entirely. This can cause catastrophic damage and inconvenience. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial motors, you need to repair and replace damaged motors. A damaged motor can cause your air conditioner to break down, your pool to collect debris, or your car to break down.

In most cases, a seasoned professional can quickly diagnose a motor condition. They will then let you know if you need to replace or repair the motor. L.N. Electric Motors has over forty years of experience in providing high-quality service and electric motors and pumps to the region. Our number one goal is to provide you immediate service.

Call us today about your motor needs. We have an impressive stock of motors, including:

  • AC and DC electric motors and pumps
  • Industrial motors
  • Refrigeration motors
  • Bathroom fan motors
  • Air conditioning motors
  • Pool and jet pumps
  • And so much more!

When a motor breaks, L.N. Electric Motors will be there for you. With four decades of experience, we provide the best motors and service in the region. LN Electric remains the world-class leader of commercial and industrial motors, drives, controls, rewinding of electrical motors and pumps services. Call us today.




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