A Refrigerator is an essential appliance for every kitchen. It’s where you store your food and keep it cool, freeze items to use later on, or to hang your child’s school project to showcase to the family. Fridges are necessary, but not every fridge serves the same purpose.

With the growing trend of smart and energy-efficient electronics, you have a variety of options for choosing a refrigerator. From the style to the size or the motor that runs it, there are a few things you want to pay attention to when buying a new fridge.

Take a look at our top five points to look for when buying a refrigerator.


The Size

One of the biggest factors when buying a fridge is the size of the appliance. Too small, and you won’t have enough space to store the food your family needs in a week. However, if you purchase on that is too big, not only will it take up needed space in the kitchen, but it also costs you more.

The Door Style

When it comes to the door of a fridge, you have various options to choose from. Depending on what you’re looking for and how often you use certain parts of the fridge, that will help determine the door style.

You can get a French door style with two opening sides and the freezer on the bottom. There is the side-by-side, which allows for the same amount of freezer and fridge space. Alternatively, you could opt for the freezer on the top or bottom with one handle to open the door.

The Motor

Your fridge will have a motor to keep the appliance running. It is also one of the most expensive components to replace if something went wrong. So, you want to ensure that you’re getting a good quality fridge and motor so that you don’t have to replace it shortly after.

Energy-Efficient Options

Do you want to upgrade your appliances to be energy-efficient? It’s more common now for homeowners to opt for the energy-efficient option. These appliances work to use less power and save the homeowner money. However, it is a bigger investment upfront.

Additional Features

You have the option of going for the most basic fridge available, or adding all the bells and whistles to it, which means more money. Many fridges come with the option of having an ice maker and water dispenser added into the front of the fridge. This provides convenience for getting an ice-cold glass of water.

Other features include having moveable drawers and shelves that are easy to move and spill-proof. It allows you to adjust the inside of the fridge to fit larger or awkwardly-shaped items. If you have young kids around, the spill-proof option is always handy.

Lastly, the finish of the fridge is another feature to consider. Do you want your refrigerator to stand out in your kitchen, or would you prefer that it match everything else around it? Stainless steel is always a popular item, but it doesn’t hold magnets very well. Retro colours are even coming back in style.

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