Summer is in full force. School is out, the sun is shining, people are packing their beach bags, and you’re getting your backyard ready for your first pool party of the year. Have you done everything you need to get your pool ready for guests?

Every year you’ll have certain steps you need to take to get your pool ready for the first swim. From the chemicals to keep it clean to checking that the pump is working properly, it’s essential that you have a safe pool for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re getting ready to open your pool, we have a guide to help you out. Here are five steps to take to get your pool ready this summer.


Clean Up the Perimeter

It’s not just the inside of the pool you have to worry about; it is also the perimeter of the pool as well. The area around the pool is a common ground for collecting unwanted debris like rocks, leaves, and garbage. If anything is lying around that you wouldn’t want in your pool, it’s best to clean it up.

Inspect the Pool Pump

The pool pump is an essential part of having a clean and healthy pool. It’s what helps circulate the water and keep it clean. If the pump isn’t working, the water in the pool will stand still and turn stale.

Take a moment to inspect the pool pump. Look for any missing or loose parts, any rust, and if there is dirt build up anywhere. Also, clean the area around the pump to prevent any debris from getting caught in the motor.

Gather All Your Pool Supplies

When you have a pool, no matter what size it is, you’ll have a bucket of supplies you use every year. You’ll need chemicals that keep the water clean (chlorine for example), tools to skim the water to remove anything floating on the surface, a device to skim the bottom of the pool, and any other supplies used to keep the pool in peak condition. Replace any expired chemicals so that they work properly.

Clean the Inside of the Pool

Unless you had a heated pool that could last throughout the winter, you likely need to fill your pool. Before doing that, this is the time to give the inside a good clean. Wipe down the sides and the bottom. Anything stuck to the pool will go into the water if not removed.

During this time, inspect the lining to see if there are any rips or tears. You wouldn’t want to spend all that time and money filling the pool to find out you have a leak at the bottom. Patch up anything you can find that could lead to a leak. Once you’re done, it’s time to fill the pool.

Add the Necessary Chemicals

If you don’t add any chlorine or other necessary chemicals to your pool, bacteria could start to grow. Not only that, the water will slowly turn a different colour that makes the pool undesirable.

Add the necessary chemicals to the water to keep it safe and clean for all swimmers. Always check the chemical levels and follow the instructions not to overdo it.

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