An air conditioner is an essential machine in a home, especially if you live in an area that gets quite warm in the summer months. Without the air conditioner, you may be left in a hot home when the sun beats down.

Don’t let yourself end up in a situation in which your air conditioner motor breaks down on the hottest day of the year. By paying attention to the following five signs, you’ll know when it’s time to repair or replace your air conditioner motor. That way, you’ll be cool inside no matter how hot it is outside.


It’s Blowing Warm Air

One of the most visible signs that your air conditioner is dying and will need repairing soon is when you don’t feel that crisp, cold air coming out of it anymore. It could be that the motor is slowing down and can’t keep up with the demand anymore. It could mean that there are more issues than you realize with the air conditioner. Either way though, if you’re feeling warm air blowing through the vents in the summer, it’s time to take a look at the system.

You Hear Unusual Sounds

When the air conditioner kicks in, you may hear some sounds that are normal. After it starts and runs, though, the system should be reasonably quiet. You’ll be able to hear the motor running and the air blowing through the vents. However, you shouldn’t hear squealing, banging, grinding, or other abnormal sounds.

When you start to hear odd sounds, don’t ignore them. If caught right away, it may mean that you need to lubricate the motor and everything will run fine again. However, it could mean that something serious is going on and you need to address it right away.

Water Around the System

A good air conditioner should have moisture or leaks around it. If you notice this, you have a problem. It could be something minor. However, it could be something serious with the motor that requires your attention.

Funk Smells

When you first kick in the air conditioner after winter, you’ll likely notice a smell for the first bit, and that is okay. The machine hasn’t run for many months. However, if you continue to notice an unusual smell, or there’s an odour that follows later in the summer, you should pay attention to it.

An unusual smell could mean many things. There could be mould in the area which is dangerous to the health of you and your family. Something could be burning in the air conditioner system that should get checked immediately.

Higher than Average Humidity Levels

An air conditioner does more than cool your home. It also removes excess moisture from the air inside. To do this, the system must work properly. Pay attention to any signs of high humidity like moisture on the windows and your home feeling damp and sticky. If this happens, it’s time to inspect your air conditioner and the motor to ensure it’s working properly.

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