You spend a lot of time and money installing your pool that you want to ensure it runs smoothly and lasts a long time. Having a pool that the family cannot use is no fun. With proper maintenance, you can keep your pool looking and running like new.

Part of your maintenance routine should include servicing the electric motor and pump. The motor and pump are essential for the swimming pool to stay clean and to circulate the water. Without it, the water remains still and can get dirty very quickly.

To help you stay on top of your swimming pool electric motor and pump, and to keep it running efficiently, consider some of our following tips.


Check For Water Leaking

Now and then you should take a thorough look at the pump to ensure the seals are still intact. If you notice water leaking around, you’ll want to fix any broken seals or pipe joints right away. If not, it could lead to more problems and eventually the pump completely breaking down.

Clear Debris Around the Motor

The motor needs to have ample air circulation. If not, it could clog up, overheat, and break. To ensure it has room for circulation, keep the motor clear of any debris around the vents. You can also clean the air inlets once in a while to help with the circulation. When doing this, make sure the motor is turned off and that no moisture gets inside.

Clean the Outside

The inside of the motor shouldn’t need cleaning if you keep up with your maintenance in ensuring no debris is around or gets caught in the vents. You should, though, wipe down the outside of the motor. Do not spray anything on the motor. Instead, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Spraying the motor could flood it, which can lead to permanent damage.


The motor will need lubrication. If not, the bearings and other parts can get dry, rub together, and cause major issues for the motor. Getting in the habit of lubricating the motor also allows you to check for any broken bearings that need replacing. Keep in mind that you should also change the pump seal if you need to change the bearings.


Part of your maintenance routine should be listening to how the motor runs. If you start to hear clinking noises or the motor runs louder than normal, it could be a sign that the bearings are going. You then can change them right away and avoid further damage from them breaking.

If you ever need to turn off your pool for an extended time, let the motor and pump completely dry out. If there is any moisture caught inside, it could cause rust over time.

Keeping up with a regular maintenance routine for the pump, motor, and entire pool will help keep it running like it is brand new. Call us today for any questions about your swimming pool pump and motor.

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