When you buy items like a motorized pump, you hope this won’t be a purchase you have to make in the near future. Why? Because you want to ensure you have something that is high quality and will last for a long time. Regular maintenance will help with this.

Having a proper and thorough maintenance routine on your electric motor pump will help keep it running at its peak capacity. Not only that, regular maintenance will help prevent parts from breaking down and prolong the life of the pump.

So, if you do not already have a regular maintenance plan for your electric motor pump, here are a few essential checks to do.



Inspecting your electric motor pump is one of the simplest things you can do for your maintenance routine. With a simple check, you could spot parts that are showing wear and tear, a screw coming loose, or something that broke off that needs immediate repair.

Start by checking the bearings. A common failure in motor pumps is with the bearings being out of line, needing replacement, or lubrication. Look around the motor for all the bearings before moving on. Pay attention to any noises or vibrations as this could mean dirt buildup, in need of lubrication, or that it is time to replace them.

Check the Commutator and Brush

The last thing you want is to go and use your electric pump motor, only to find out it won’t run. Instead, including a check of the commutator and brush of the motor as part of your preventative maintenance routine will ensure the parts are working correctly. Regular checks will also show you when it is time to change the brush before it leads to problems.


There will be parts of the motor that need regular lubrication to help everything run smoothly. Without it, the motor could get dirty and dusty, jam up, and break. Make a note of all the pieces on your electric motor pump that require lubrication. Also, make sure to follow the recommended type of lubrication from the pump manufacturer.

Keep a Maintenance Record

It is a good idea to keep a running record of all the maintenance checks you do on the pump. Make a note of what you inspected, the condition the motor and parts are in, anything that you lubricated and will need lubrication soon, as well as any replaced parts. Having a record will help you keep track of how old parts are, if there is still warranty coverage, or for when you need it serviced by the manufacturer.


A good routine to get into is to do a visual inspection of the motor prior to using it. By doing this, not only are you ensuring everything is working correctly before turning it on, but it will also get you into a habit of maintaining the motor. Keep note of when you lubricate the motor and when you should do so next. The more regularly you do your maintenance checks, the better condition your electric motor pump will be.

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