Motors are all around us, and we can take for granted who necessary they are. Whether they are in your home, back yard, or a commercial facility, without motors our life would be a lot harder and a lot less comfortable. If you ever wanted to know what some of the most frequently used motors are, read on.

AC/DC Motors

AC and DC motors covert electrical energy into mechanical energy. While their purpose is the same, they are actually quite different motors. AC motors use alternating current whereas DC motors use direct current. AC motors have a long life expectancy because they are not constructed with brushes. DC motors are constructed with brushes and a commutator. This means that there is more maintenance and a reduction in life expectancy.

Brake Motors

Brake motors usually combine a brake and motor package. They are used to stop and hold action, but they can also produce motion. For their construction, brake motors have an electromagnetic disc on an AC motor. Together, this causes the motor to be blocked, in effect braking it.  Any solidly constructed brake motor will come with a high safety margin to ensure that it always works.

Swimming Pool Motors

There is a lot that needs to happen behind the scenes of a swimming pool for it to be fully enjoyed. And a swimming pool motor is at the heart of this operation. One of the most frequently used motors in the summer, swimming pool motors sucks water in through suction ports. It then sends the water through the filter to be cleaned, and then returns the water to the pool via a return port. It’s important to maintain your swimming pool motor; otherwise algae can quickly form, resulting in a lot of hot, annoyed people. 

Heating and Air Conditioning Motors

Another one the frequently used motors is a heating and air conditioning motor. Heating motors help to move cold winter air over a warmer and then return it back into the room. Air conditioning motors move warm air over coolant so that when it is returned to the room it is much cooler. If either a heating or air conditioning motor breaks down, it is noticeable right away. Depending on the climate you live in, heating and air conditioning can be seen as extremely necessary devices. Make sure that the motor that is initially installed is of good quality. This is not an area to cut corners in.

Variable Speed Motors

If you want to control your motor speed and torque, then a variable speed motor is the way to go. They are especially useful if your production facility wants to reduce the amount of energy that is being used by other motors. Variable speed motors use upgraded technology to enhance their proficiency. 

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