Heating & Air Conditioning Motors Vaughan

Without the right motor in good working condition the central heating and air conditioning system in your home would grind to a halt. At LN Electric we stock a variety of fractional horsepower and t-frame electric AC motors while offering a great selection of rebuilt electrical motors by all of the leading manufacturers as well. Whatever type of heating and air conditioning motors your Vaughan home requires you’ll find the one you need at LN Electric.

Heating and Air Conditioning Motors Vaughan

The function of the air conditioner motor is to turn the fan and push air through the air conditioning system. As the air moves over the evaporator coils heat is extracted from it and then removed from the house. Dry, cool air is then circulated throughout the home. If the motor fails no air is moved over the evaporator coils, no heat is extracted and no cool, dry air is circulated. In other words: no motor, no air conditioning system.

Four common types of air conditioner motor are:

  • Split-phase motors – Split-phase air conditioner motors commonly appear in all manner of major household appliance including clothes dryers as well as being a key component of home air conditioning systems. Their primary advantage is that they provide a high level of torque at start up.
  • Capacitor-start motors – This is another type of split-phase air conditioner motor. With the capacitor start air conditioner motor a starting capacitor helps to generate a greater phase shift and as a result even more starting torque than the standard split phase motor described above.
  • Capacitor-start and capacitor-run motors – This is the most expensive and complex type of single-phase air conditioner motor. Capacitor-start and run motors for home air conditioning systems will typically be in the 3 to 10 horsepower range, although more powerful ones are also available. The most commonly cited advantage of this type of motor is its ability to provide a higher level of energy efficiency.
  • Permanent split capacitor, or PSC, motors – In Europe, PSC motors are the dominant type of split-phase motor and are utilized in a wide variety of applications. In North America however they are primarily used in air conditioning systems.

At LN Electric we stock the widest assortment of heating and air conditioning motors in Vaughan. So if you believe the motor on your air conditioning system has failed you can be sure LN Electric has the right replacement ready to be installed.

Why LN Electric?

LN Electric has been providing the residents of Vaughan with the electric motors and pumps they need to keep their homes running smoothly for more than 40 years. Our supply of motors and pumps is vast and includes air conditioning motors, industrial motors, blower motors, condenser fan motors, motors for your bathroom fan, refrigeration units, circulating pumps for your pool and much more. We’re the most trusted supplier of electrical motors in the GTA so give us a call. We’ve got the heating and air conditioning motor you’re looking for.

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