Frequency Inverters

A frequency inverter changes output voltage frequency and magnitude to vary the speed, power, and torque of a connected induction motor to meet load conditions. 

Frequency inverters are used in mechanical equipment powered by motors and the inverters provide extremely precise electrical motor control so that motor speeds can be automatically adjusted to maintain the speeds required. Inverters also save wear and tear on the motors by only using the energy required, rather than having a motor run at constant (fixed) speed.

When replacing your frequency inverter, you’ll need to know the information off your old motor’s nameplate such as the horsepower (HP), full load amps (FLA), voltage, RPM, service factor, and the inverter duty rate. It may also help to know the type of load (Constant torque vs. Variable torque), speed range and control method, and any special enclosure needs.

We offer sophisticated auto turning, fast dynamic torque, response with impressive low speed operation. We have inverters that range from 0.33HP up to 60HP. Contact us for more information.


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