Electric Motors Toronto

Electric Motors TorontoElectric motors are the unsung heroes of the modern world. Without them our convenient, safe, healthy lifestyles would not be possible and we’d be back in the 19th century using fires to keep warm in the winter, waiting for the rare cool breeze during the summer, washing our clothes by hand, opening our garage doors manually, putting up with flooded basements and riding about in a horse and carriage. So it’s no exaggeration to state that, while high tech gets all the glamorous press, it’s electric motors that make the world as we know it go round. If you need electric motors in Toronto LN Electric is the place to get them.

LN Electric Motors Toronto

Electric motors are the workhorses of the contemporary world, powering the appliances and pumps we use for a wide array of applications. At LN Electric we have whatever type of electric motors and pumps Toronto homeowners need including:

  • AC and DC motors
  • Condenser fan motors
  • Direct drive blowers
  • Coolant pumps
  • Swimming pool pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Reducers
  • Brake motors
  • Circulator pump motors
  • Belted fan motors
  • And many more…

The role of the electric motor is to ensure the safe, dependable delivery of power to the appliances, pumps and other applications that require it. LN Electric provides the highest quality new and rebuilt electric motors you’ll find anywhere in the GTA. If your air conditioning system has ground to a standstill or your dryer just sits there unable to rotate the pros at LN Electric have the electric motor solution to the problem.

Do I Need an AC or DC Electric Motor?

While high power applications are typically AC low power applications can be either AC or DC although most are typically DC. So what is the difference?

  • AC Motors – The most common type of AC motor is called the “fractional horsepower” motor. This is typically a ¼ to ½ horsepower motor. AC motors substantially more powerful than this do exist of course but they are commonly found in factories and other commercial settings. An AC motor will typically slow down as load is applied, but this is normal. Although if the motor is too heavily burdened it will stall; a situation that should be avoided whenever possible.
  • DC Motors – A direct current, or DC, motor is the simplest type of electric motor. In its most basic form it requires only 2 magnets with opposing polarity and an electric coil to produce electric power, with torque provided by the opposing electromagnetic forces. The DC motor is typically powered by batteries, an available DC power supply or by use of any AC to DC converter. DC motors can be found in garage door openers, car windows, some appliances and things like remote control toys.

LN Electric has been providing electric motors to Toronto home and business owners for more than 40 years. If you are unable to determine exactly which type of motor you need one of our helpful pros will be happy to assist you.

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