Condenser Fan Motors Frame 48

A condenser fan motor is part of your HVAC system that is located within the condensing unit. This unit also consists of the compressor and condenser coil. The condenser fan motor is what runs to turn the fan blades and blow air across the condenser coil, where it cools the refrigerant from a hot gas into a liquid.

They’re available from low fractional horsepower in small residential air conditioning units all the way up to 1 horsepower (and larger) 3 phase motors in large commercial HVAC units.

Specifications to match when selecting a replacement motor are – voltage, amperage, rotation (CCW: Counterclockwise, CW: Clockwise), horsepower, RPM, rain shield (if old motor had one), and MFD or microfarad rating.

If the motor is replaced then it is always a good idea to replace the run capacitor at the same time. This is to ensure the run capacitor is properly rated for the new motor and to make sure the capacitor will last as long as the new motor.

We carry condenser fan motors from 1/6HP up to 1HP and single phase. Contact us for more information.


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