What is a Hydromatic sewage pump? The Hydromatic sump pump is an above-floor system. It adds a drain without requiring any major remodeling to the home or basement. Hydromatic provides several different types of pumps. If your pump motor needs repair or replacement, be sure to contact our trained professionals to help you select the right type of motor for your needs.

Sump Pump and Sewage Pump Styles

Hydromatic has several types that have some popularity in both residential and commercial buildings. The Pentair Hydromatic 118-5 is an affordable option that does not require major remodeling in the home. The Pentair Hydromatic 118 1/3 HP Packaged Sump System adds a drain but does not require remodeling as well.

Hydromatic has several types of popular sewage pumps available, as well. The most popular models are the Pentair Hydromatic 218 Sewage Package Basin System, the Pentair Hydromatic 224 Sewage Package Basic System, and the Pentair Hydromatic BV-40 Series Cast Iron/Thermoplastic Sewage Pump with recessed vortex impeller.


These pumps are used whenever a basement flooding occurs on a regular basis. They protect the foundation and help with moisture. Removing water from the home and sending it away from the house protects the foundation and prevents additional damage. They often send the water to the municipal storm drain. There are two types of pumps used – submersible and pedestal. The submersible pump mounts inside the pump to prevent short circuits. Pedestal pumps last about thirty years. Sewage pumps can also deal with solids and liquid waste.

The Pentair Hydromatic 118-5 ¼ HP Packaged Sump System includes the following features:

  • Molded In-Tank Retainers
  • 5 Gallon Tank
  • Oil Filled Cast Iron Motor
  • Removable Filter
  • Limited Warranty

The Pentair Hydromatic 118 1/3 HP Packaged Sump System has these features:

  • 10 Gallon Sump Box
  • Cover
  • Gasket Package
  • Check Valve and Pump

How Long Will My Pump Last?

Most Hydromatic Sewage Pumps will provide about three years of service before needing repair and maintenance. Expect a sewage pump to last fifteen to thirty years depending on the type.

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